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The famous novel ‘Joe Speedboot’ by Tommy Wieringa is being made into a film

Joe Speedboat by Tommy Wieringa appeared in 2005 and was the big breakthrough for the Dutch writer. The novel tells the story of fourteen-year-old Fransje who has just ended up in a wheelchair and his friendship with the peer Joe Speedboot.

An attempt has already been made to have the successful novel filmed, but that case escalated into lengthy court proceedings because Wieringa did not agree with the scenario. This time, according to publisher De Bezige Bij, there is an agreement between all parties.

Sam de Jong

There have been conversations with the screenwriters from which it became clear that they have smart and good ideas to translate the story into images. The director – Sam de Jong – also inspires confidence, according to a statement. The film is produced by BALDR Film.

From Joe Speedboat 400,000 copies were sold. The book has also been translated into several languages.


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