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The favorite recipe of top chef Jos Grootscholten (restaurant Perceel) | Lifestyle

Winter BBQ

(4 pers.)


1 cauliflower

100 ml of Ponzu vinegar

200 ml of olive oil

400 gr chicken thighs

2 tbsp garlic oil (glass of olive oil with finely chopped garlic clove)

1 Elstar apple in cubes

1 banana shallot in very thin half rings

1 pomegranate (seeds)

150 gr goat cheese (Sainte-Maure)

50 coarsely chopped roasted hazelnuts

10 finely chopped mint leaves

15 chopped coriander leaves

Preparation method:

Halve cauliflower and cut the sides off.

Cut the halves in half so that there are 4 thick slices that are attached to the center core.

Boil cauliflower slices gently for 2 minutes in water with a little salt.

Remove the slices from the pan and let them evaporate on a rack.

Mix ponzu vinegar with olive oil and marinate the slices for 30 minutes (turn every now and then).

Keep marinade.

Heat the bbq to 150 degrees with not too much charcoal, so that there is a lot of space between the fire and the grill.

Place cauliflower slices for 15 minutes (preferably indirectly) on the grill with lid on the BBQ.

Turn halfway through so they don’t burn.

Brush chicken thighs with garlic oil, salt and pepper and grill on the BBQ for 10 minutes.

Mix apple, shallot and pomegranate seeds into a salad and season with part of the marinade.

Remove cooked cauliflower slices from the BBQ and place on a plate.

Spoon over the apple salad and then the chicken thighs.

Garnish with crumbled goat cheese, hazelnuts, green herbs and drizzle with a little more marinade.


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