The federal government is considering approving the AstraZeneca vaccine for all groups as early as April

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Hardly anyone who can already get a corona vaccination wants it: the vaccine from the British company AstraZeneca. Because it is less effective than the means from Biontech or Moderna, hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses are stored unused in the depots of the countries. And there are more and more every week.

The following also applies to the AstraZeneca vaccine: Only those who are in the three priority groups set by the federal government are entitled to receive an injection: doctors, nursing staff, police officers, educators or teachers, but in the case of AstraZeneca must be under 65 years of age. However, with hundreds of thousands of unused vaccine doses, work is being done behind the government scenes to lift restrictions, according to That means: The AstraZeneca vaccine should be released for everyone.

It could possibly be in April. Because from then on, the government expects vaccine deliveries from all manufacturers that enable vaccinations in the high single-digit millions. Since the vaccination centers cannot do this on their own, the general practitioners should take care of vaccinations. By then at the latest, as the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) is pushing, the prioritization of at least the AstraZeneca vaccine should be largely removed so that as many people as possible get an injection as quickly as possible. By then, risk groups would be largely covered in the countries anyway.

There is a concept for vaccinations in general practitioners’ practices

A concept of the KBV, the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations and the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers on how vaccinations can be organized in practices is already available in the Federal Ministry of Health:

Part of the vaccination concept for general practitioners, which is part of the Federal Ministry of Health

Part of the vaccination concept for general practitioners, which is part of the Federal Ministry of Health

At its core, the concept envisages: With proper preparation, around 75,000 general practitioner practices in Germany could vaccinate up to five million people a week from Tuesday to Saturday mornings. Given the speed and willingness of the population, more than half of the German population could be vaccinated this summer.


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