The federal government’s Corona app should be ready for use in June


  • The federal government’s Corona app should be ready in June, reports Der Spiegel.
  • The design of the application is ready: it should be blue and red, a large C is provided as the logo.
  • The first advertising slogans have already been published.

It should actually be ready in April, now comes
them in June: The federal government’s Corona app. Her name should also be internal
decided thing, reports “Der Spiegel”. It is supposed to be the simple name
Wear the “Corona Warn App”.

The companies SAP and T-Systems, the subsidiary of German Telekom, are still working on the source code of the tracing app. In the meantime, the Federal Press Office’s own agency, “Zum golden Hirschen”, has also started marketing concepts for the application. She has already finished the designs. For example, the app is to be kept in blue and red, a large C is provided as the logo, with the stylized virus-typical crown spikes, reports “Der Spiegel”.

The app should only run on Google and Apple devices

Developers of the app have also recently started advertising slogans
communicated on a phone call. “Our app traction of the year” and
“This app cannot do anything except save lives” but also include:
“Small app, big impact”. The Federal Government wants the
Encourage citizens to download the application.

The official app of the federal government is only available on the mobile
Operating systems from Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) run, but not on
the new own operating system from Huawei.


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