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PC-WELT users love file managers. The download numbers in our archive make that clear. But which file managers are the most popular? We call our readers’ favorites.

For generations, advanced PC users have found the file manager built into Windows – Windows Explorer – too weak, too little adaptable and too cumbersome. So it’s no wonder that alternative file managers enjoy great popularity. It goes without saying that you can do what Windows Explorer cannot do: two- or even four-window view, favorites, FTP upload, compress in many different formats and much more. With their wide range of functions, the file managers are something like the Swiss Army Knives of Windows helpers.

The favorite of PC-WELT users is the Total Commander. It was developed based on the model of the legendary Norton Commander, which PC professionals already used in DOS times. The Total Commander has an integrated file viewer and can extract ZIP, ARJ and many other archives. Because it can synchronize directories, it is also of limited use as a backup tool.

Q-Dir is also very popular. Its specialty is the four-window view. Q-Dir is also available in a portable version – ideal for a USB stick or online storage. The FreeCommander is also very popular with our readers. Regardless of the purpose, whether portable, permanently installed, free of charge, shareware, copy specialist or pretty all-rounder – you will find the right file manager in our download gallery at the top of the article.

Did we forget a top file manager in our gallery? Write us missing tools and your opinion in the comment field below this article or on Facebook!

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