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The final Smartest Man is there, after having laughed at the last dropout

The most successful season of The smartest person has arrived at the final and what a one! A final with the smartest person since 2012 and with two audience favorites.

The smartest person is on a triumphal procession. The semifinal again brought in a record number of viewers last night, 2.7 million. And that on NPO 2.

Smartest Human to a final record?

Tonight’s broadcast, at 8.45 pm, could well bring a record number of viewers to a final of the so popular knowledge quiz. The smartest person fights on Friday evenings Cops Maastricht and The voice of Holland, but the audience is loyal. In addition, the all-deciding round has three attractive contenders for the final victory: cabaret performer Andries Tunru, TV maker Emma Wortelboer (last night the smartest of the day) and Snollebollekes singer Rob Kemps.

Tijl Beckand is the last from Smartest Human

Wortelboer and Kemps left their last competitor, television and theater marker Tijl Beckand, just before the finish line. Andries Tunru had for six weeks Smartest Person scored the very best, earning him a direct spot in the final. Tunru became the smartest person of the day seven times in a row. Nobody has done that before. Frank Evenblij and radio producer Caroline Brouwer have also made it far this year, but are not allowed to take a place on the podium.

Favorite Tunru also posted a nice tweet about the final. In his post you can see how the studio of The smartest person looks like in reality.

Audience favorites make it

Those who followed social media could notice that Rob ‘Snollebollekes’ Kemps and Emma Wortelboer were the favorites of the viewers of The smartest person have become. Many did not expect that the two have a mountain of knowledge in their head to say to you. Kemps and Wortelboer also turned out to be nice candidates. Especially the very dry Snollebollekes. De Brabander entered the finals week on Monday and had to survive another four full episodes. Emma Wortelboer tells us next week Subway how she experienced her participation. That interview can be read on Friday, January 29.

Relief after Tijl Beckand’s exit

That it is precisely Tijl Beckand as the last candidate to enter the battlefield The smartest person had to leave, sparked cheers in many living rooms. Twitterers laughed at him in letters. His behavior was found to be quite irritating for several days. That’s how he rolled across the floor when, after much thought, he managed to give a good answer. The fact that he accused Snollebolleke’s unsportsmanlike behavior was not appreciated. No doubt that was meant to be funny, but it turned out completely wrong. You can read how that went here.

Style back to normal in De Slimste Mens

Remarkably, Tijl Beckand was much more normal in behavior last night. After going with Rob Kemps for a last place in the final of The smartest person had fought and drawn the short straw, he congratulated Snollebollekes wholeheartedly. Beckand gave singer Janis Joplin ten correct answers to the decisive subject. Three turned out to be good. Kemps simply headed in his final place with ‘flower power’.

So Tijl Beckand got compliments at the last minute.

The semi-finalist responded to all negative reactions only once. And that response was funny.

Who will succeed Astrid Kersseboom?

Andries Tunru, Emma Wortelboer or Rob Kemps. One of them will be the smartest person in the 2020/2021 edition. They crack the brains under the guidance of presenter Philip Freriks and sole jury member Maarten van Rossem. Freriks and Van Rossem have been there since 2012.

The last ten winners of the program were Astrid Kersseboom, Marieke van de Zilver, Rob Hadders, Peter Hein van Munnigen, Roelof de Vries, Sander Schimmelpenninck, Diederik Smit, Angela de Jong, Klaas Dijkhoff and George van Houts.

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The final Smartest Man is there, after having laughed at the last dropout


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