The first 470 parents receive 30,000 euros in compensation

First it is the turn of victims who have already received compensation. The amount they have received is supplemented to EUR 30,000. A first group of 470 parents will receive the money today, says the Ministry of Finance.

The tax authorities have so far identified about 16,000 victims. The aim is to compensate everyone who registered before 15 February by 1 May at the latest. Before the money is transferred, it is checked whether someone has really been duped.

Actual damage

Parents who have missed or had to repay a higher amount in allowances will also be reimbursed the amount above 30,000 euros.

Anyone who has suffered other material or immaterial damage from the benefits affair can also turn to the Actual Damage Commission. The cabinet is also looking at what more can be done to help duped parents get their lives back on track.


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