The first flying car is ready, but is not allowed to drive yet

The flying car is no longer a thing of the future. Just ask the creators of the Terrafugia Transition. That rideable plane is already allowed to fly, just not to drive yet.

It is quite small and that could well translate into commercial success. The Terrafugia Transition fits, with the wings folded in, in a normal garage. It flies up to 160 kilometers per hour and is authorized by the American aviation authority to operate flights up to an altitude of 3,000 meters.


With a wingspan of about eight meters, you will need more space than the average helipad to deploy the Transition. But a motorway or even just a deserted stretch of road is in principle enough to perform a landing maneuver and take off again.

When can you get your pilot’s license for this? From 2022, the hybrid car must find its way to the sky and the garage. It has a hundred horsepower under the hood, no electricity but gasoline here, and flies about 650 kilometers.


If you are concerned about the risk of crash, remember that there is also a parachute and relatively crash-safe cage.

Sounds exclusive and the price tag reflects that too. It might hit the market for $ 400,000 or about $ 330,000. Not cheap for a vehicle that can only take two people. It is cool, now start saving for that pilot’s license.

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