The first Lucid Studio opens in Miami

After unveiling its new electric sedan, Lucid begins developing its network, with a first point of sale in Miami.

Last September, Lucid entered the premium electric sedan segment with the Air. Like all new manufacturers who generously dress in a 2.0 image, Lucid offers his car online. But it will also be available through a network of Lucid Studio.

With an art-deco-sounding terminology in the era of the times, the Lucid Studio differs from traditional dealerships with an approach more refocused on the vehicle and on “the customer experience”, as marketing people like to remind them. .

An augmented reality configurator

Like the very first one installed in Miami, the Lucid Studio will allow customers to discover in great detail the brand and the new electric sedan with premium claims. Future buyers will be able to take advantage of advisors to shape their Lucid Air using a 4K virtual reality configurator. These are tools usually reserved for design studios, which will be linked here to the brand’s impressive configurator, also available online.

Lucid Motors has not yet commented on its development plan and Studio’s network across the United States. However, the builder has indicated that the next site will soon open in West Palm Bach, north of Miami.


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