the first quarter of production already sold-out

In just a few days of marketing, the Tesla Model Y is wreaking havoc in China: the entire first quarter of production has found a buyer.

After the United States, it is now China’s turn to receive the Tesla Model Y. A model particularly awaited in the Middle Kingdom, where it rolls off the chains of the Shanghai Gigafactory: in just a few days, the first quarter of production has passed.

This was noted by observers, who noticed the updated delivery times on the manufacturer’s site. Thus, Chinese customers will now have to wait until the second quarter of this year to take possession of their electric compact SUV.

100,000 orders in ten hours?

After humble beginnings, the Tesla Model Y was a hit in China, especially after the prices fell by around 30%! According to initial rumors, 100,000 units were sold in less than ten hours.

The American brand has not yet commented on this. However, the volume of 100,000 copies seems quite high. The fact remains that demand for the SUV is particularly strong and is expected to continue to rise during the year.


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