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The first round belongs to us, catering entrepreneurs!

A fresh catering start requires fresh beer. Tapwacht offers free tap cleaning as a gesture, “it’s going crazy fast.”

Not only we, but also the beer pipes have been dry for two and a half months. It is high time to rinse and clean them well, just before the terraces open again, Jeroen Slokkers, Tapwacht director, who specializes in the daily maintenance of tap installations. “And the first round is ours!”

Tap watchman cleans beer pipes
Tap watchman normally cleans beer lines every four to eight weeks | Photo: Tap watch

Love for catering

He does it out of love for the industry and it is going “crazy fast”. “We are getting far more registrations than expected. In the first three hours after we sent out the customer mailing, we already received 700 emails! ” He understands that, “Hospitality entrepreneurs are sitting at their computers more than ever, looking at what exactly is going on with which measures … To drive you crazy, right?”

He himself worked at Heineken, and also as a bartender and waiter, “and I also enjoy working in the catering industry.” He just hasn’t got the beer flowing through his veins yet, he laughs, but it is clear that he knows the catering industry and is passionate about it. “And besides that I hear such harrowing stories, I just want to give something back, see it as a modest support measure.” Tapwacht’s free turn isn’t going to make a difference, “but it’s a gesture.” And it’s not just about beer taps, by the way, he continues, “the wine tap is really starting to boom.”

The first round is ours! To celebrate the opening of the catering industry on 1 June, we clean all beer and wine taps …

Posted by Tapwacht am Dienstag, 12.May 2020

No max

While he enthusiastically tells his story, he receives a registration email from a cafe boss, another a few minutes later. But no, there is certainly no quota or a max, the born Brabander shakes his head in Rotterdam, where Tapwacht is located. “If you do something like that, you just have to do it right.”

Their clientele consists of more than 15,000 catering entrepreneurs and “Normally we come every four or eight weeks to flush pipes, since mid-March tap has stopped everywhere. Our 62 Tapwachters then put pipes on water or dry, but after that their work also came to a standstill. ” Tap keepers are not the “go for it” type, “many of them have worked temporarily at DHL, but are very happy that they can now return to their catering establishments.”

It is difficult to say how expensive a cleaning is. In any case, it is the faucets. “An Irish pub in Bergen op Zoom has twenty, while the neighborhood pub on your corner has only one. On average, it comes down to about 100 to 200 euros. ”

Tap watchman cleans beer pipes

Catering boost

The reactions of his customers, with establishments from Maastricht to Leeuwarden, are positive. “They call it a boost, we also notice it on our social media. People can really appreciate it. ”

Whether the beer (or wine) tastes better on tap after cleaning, just like a croquette made from fresh frying fat goes even better? Slokkers has to smile. “When the beer flows nicely through clean pipes again, it tastes very fresh. Fresh beer just fits very well with the fresh start that catering entrepreneurs are going to make again, we are happy to help with that. ”


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