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The first shop with exclusively Dutch wines is now open! | Lifestyle

Never before has there been a wine shop dedicated to Dutch wines. Three experienced entrepreneurs will change this on Tuesday 1 December with the opening of Wijnwinkel Bobwijn. “We want to make Dutch wine accessible to everyone in the heart of Amsterdam,” explains co-owner Meijer.

“For a long time, wine from the Netherlands was a hidden child with a dusty image.” Yet this wine is now on the rise and the quality of these homegrown alcoholic drinks has also changed considerably in recent years. “For example, new grape varieties are being created and the wine is really perfected.”

Support your locals

Despite the advance of these wines, not everyone has a bottle from the Netherlands in the cellar. The owners discovered that there was no special shop with home-grown wine yet. “It is even difficult to get a Dutch bottle of wine at the liquor store or supermarket. A number of liquor stores have a very small range, but our country has so much more to offer, ”says Meijer.

The ‘support your locals’ movement is also supported with the new store. “Local and sustainable products are on the rise, partly due to the corona crisis, but few people buy wine from the local winery. In this way we create awareness and we support these winegrowers. ”

Almost all provinces

In the store, customers can choose from about seventy different varieties from twenty five different wineries. “We have wines from almost all provinces. In a while we also hope to add wine from South Holland and Drenthe. ”

However, adding a wine to the selection does not just happen. “Together with sommelier Jan-Jaap Altenburg, all wines were thoroughly tasted and approved. We have traveled many kilometers in the Netherlands for the best wines. ”

Dutch wine is also critically compared to abroad. “Partly due to climate change, the quality is not inferior to other countries.” It is getting warmer, which is beneficial, but climate change also has disadvantages for wine. “The storms we have had in recent years are more violent, this can cause an entire crop to fail.”


The name comes from the hallmark of origin, the AOP (Appelation d’Orgine Protégée) from France “The name bob was chosen because it is the abbreviation of the designated designation of origin in the Netherlands.”

The men are not going to stick with this wine shop. “We hope to open a wine bar near the store in the short term. Of course also with only Dutch wines. ”


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