The first Tesla cells of your own? Before the battery day, the blog shows new batteries in XXL format

The long-awaited battery information day will take place in less than a week, during which Tesla will, among other things, demonstrate the production of its own cells – according to reports, a pilot line for this is already being set up close to the Fremont electric car plant. What exactly the Tesla cells produced in-house will look like and what special technical features they will have is of course still unknown, despite intense speculation. However, pictures have now been leaked to the Electrek blog showing that Tesla has significantly increased the cell dimensions and reduced the cost of manufacturing.

Source confirms info on Tesla cell

First, the Electrek author asked on Twitter for clues about two large battery cells that he showed in photos without giving any details. The article followed a day later. “First look at Tesla’s new battery cell,” is the heading – the sender of the pictures and another source stated that the cells actually come from Tesla. According to an earlier Electrek report, Roadrunner stands for Tesla’s plans to use its own technologies to mass-produce cells at lower costs. This is exactly the subject of the battery information day on September 22nd.

One of the two Tesla cells that have now emerged is apparently wrapped in a protective film with blue stripes, while the bare metal shell is visible on the other. What is particularly striking about both is the format – they are thick and about as high as the hand that holds them. According to Electrek, their diameter is twice that of cells from the Tesla and Panasonic Gigafactory in Nevada. This 2170 format is already slightly larger than its predecessor and earlier standard 18650, with which Tesla began. The further doubling of the diameter would mean four times the volume.

Electrek was initially unable to report anything specific about the technical data of the new Tesla cell – but about another detail that saves material and effort: the cell is designed in a “tabless” design based on a patent from Tesla, to which CEO Elon Musk in this May stated it was “much more important” than it sounds. Thanks to a new design, the electrodes do not need the thin current discharge (the tab) that is otherwise connected to them individually. Instead, the connection is made directly via the housing cover, which has special structures for this, explains the magazine Popular Mechanics.

Tesla cells for Germany too?

According to Electrek, Tesla is currently setting up pilot production for cells in Fremont, while the German subsidiary Tesla Grohmann is already working on the machines for later mass production. These will later be used in the new giant Tesla factory in Texas. According to CEO Musk, there is probably also its own cell production facility in Germany – according to information from, Tesla’s Battery Day will also provide news.


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