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The first week of De Vooravond under the microscope: that will be something

It was long looked forward to: talk show Eve in the important place of DWDD. Subway therefore looks back: how was the first week?

Just stand on it: “the place” of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and his The world moves on take over at 7 pm on NPO 1. Margriet van der Linden did it of course already with M. (will also return later), but still. The two that it with Eve dared are Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer. That deserves praise. We already knew the journalist / documentary maker from On 1, presenter Klamer is a somewhat newer face for many.

Viewing figures De Vooravond week 1

• Monday: 1,045,000
• Tuesday: 1,336,000 (after the press conference of Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge)
• Wednesday: 910,000
• Thursday: 907,000
• Friday: 811,000

Not bad for what (certainly not compared to its predecessor The Hit Kwis), although broadcaster BNNVARA will not want to go down any further now.

Monday: We’re going in!

It is a blink of an eye with the rather red and pink decor. Even the table has a red point. Will take some getting used to. Fidan and Renze ask each other how things are going in a bar and conclude with “We’re going in!”. So that’s the replacement for “At the table!” And “This is M!”. Apparently such a recognizable starting phrase is needed.

Once at the large one-and-a-half meter table (the Subwayreporter only discovers on Friday that he plays a bit past the audience once per broadcast) follows the personal note of the day. The very first discussion partner is Christian Flokstra of law firm Ficq & Partners about the hassle around the Public Prosecution Service and lawyers in the underworld. We have seen a lot more about this in recent days, although the interview is otherwise fine. As long as this doesn’t become a long string of “this is news, we need someone to talk about”, be there On 1 and Jinek already before.

That idea is reinforced with “this is what happened further today”, with – apparently – inevitable funny videos. However, it is not too bad. Frank Evenjoy is fun with a Dumoulin Bulletin and Janny van der Heijden van All of Holland Bakt is enthusiastic about (a cookbook by) the famous chef Yotam Ottolenghi. She reads a long line of ingredients in a sultry voice, accompanied by Renze Klamer on piano. Look, that’s fun!

A photo of Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer
Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer in the bar from which De Vooravond starts. Photo: Natalie van der Zalm

Baffling Ruud

“The minute of Ruud” by home comedian Ruud Smulders is shocked. With crazy faces, strange voices, filters and countless image circuits, he deals with a subject. Is there a whole team at a conference table thinking that you should bring this? For whom? In any case, the target group that likes such videos is not displeased Eve to watch. The amazement is so great that I don’t understand anything about Ruud, except for one sentence. “People are already tweeting: he’s not grappiiiiiiiiiig.” That was a striking observation.

No, then three history teachers who tell colorful stories, a recurring item that is promised. It is about the Golden Age in the province and in the Randstad. Good storytellers, with nice side jumps. For example, history teacher Lucelle from Ermelo talks about an outing with her students to Amsterdam. In that dangerous capital, the children are said to have walked the streets all day with their bags clutched under their arms. You can picture it. You get energy from these teachers.

Shary-An ends the day musically with a song that belongs to the last topic. Bit DWDD of course, but oh well. Fidan ends with: “Good luck with the rest of the evening.”

Oh no, there is an afterburner. Columnist Marcel van Roosmalen with his mouth in four leaves of a plant. You either love or hate Marcel (this reporter belongs to Camp 1). He eternally puts things into perspective and breaks things down with a characteristic nagging tone. Also now: „It was crap again. Even M. was better.” Love that man.

Tuesday: chatter a bit

We can be much shorter about that. A 24-minute chat with four people about the corona press conference of Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge. Perhaps understandable, but what do you actually do with such a chat (da’s personal)? We just have to do it with such a persco. The guests are youth representative Talitha Muusse, writer and historian Zihni Özdil, program maker Splinter Chabot (“Hugo de Jonge often has a long history,” he says) and – there she is again – history teacher Lucelle from Ermelo. He managed to get a 100 percent score in two days.

Cabaret performer Kiki Schippers wrote a song with musical commentary during the press conference, it is said. The text is good, but so incredibly long that it could never have been manufactured in the past half hour.

And Ruud? He has once again edited a hip movie, talks and looks very strange and has a banana on his shirt. Marcel van Roosmalen continues to grumble (“just if Angela de Jong likes your program, you still have a long way to go”) and Fidan concludes with “enjoy the rest of the evening”.

By. Prefer a full broadcast on Wednesday.

Wednesday: beautiful and painful Grapperhausje

“We’re going in!” and the personal note are back. Of course it is about the new photos of the wedding of Ferd Grapperhaus that have come out. Fidan wonders about a criminal record for the minister. Hey, I hadn’t heard that before. It was always about the fines that people in the country received.

Anita Witzier, Hugo Borst and Adelheid Roosen talk about aging and their series Anita Is Recorded and At home South. Beautiful, moving subject with a hard high five from Adelheid and Hugo as a painful Grapperhaus.

Science journalist Anna Gimbrère will tell about a space trip to Mars drama from Netflix. Ultimately, it is mainly about the fact that she herself failed to become an astronaut. Poor Anna, but it became more fun for the viewer.

Rolf Sanchez is present because of his number Más Más Más (he told Metro about it earlier) is the hit of the moment. Not only in the Top 40 (number 1) but especially by thousands of people who imitate his dance on the video app TikTok. He gets to answer three questions, then sings his hit (and dances!). So few answers from Rolf, but he still takes over 900,000 viewers who may have loosened their hips at home.

Ruud’s minute is a bit quieter tonight, but he still looks scary. Marcel van Roosmalen is grumbling from his plant again and Fidan wishes us “a lot of fun tonight”.

Thursday: quizzes with Emma Wortelboer

An evening without highlights, but also without lows. A seven, so to speak. Three subjects are of the level “okay, nothing wrong with that, but we are not going to remember them”.

Youth coach Joshua Kotadiny and Parool reporter Paul Vugts talk about drillrappers and teenagers who go for big money quickly and with whom things always go wrong. Vugts made a book to protect young people from such a mistake (and much violence).

Jeroen Stekelenburg looks ahead to the Dutch national team after nine months without international football and Chantal discusses her program Chantal Comes to Work. You can always have Janzen at the table and it is very nice that NPO offers a stage to RTL.

Much more fun is ’15 years of broadcasting MAX ‘, with boss Jan Slagter and two young MAX fans, actress Esmée van Kampen and TV maker Emma Wortelboer. Esmée’s cleavage will have been much discussed and the quiz that Emma unexpectedly has to take ends in zero correct answers. It may not work out completely, but this is thinking creatively about a subject. Emma’s bouncer is delicious. She invites Slagter to a joint with her BNNVARA Try Before You Die to make.

Ruud tells us in his minute that skateboarding is the new curbs. He demonstrates it and falls to the ground. Marcel grumbles about it and Fidan wishes us “good luck with the rest of the evening”.

Friday: best De Vooravond so far

Good guests this closing night of the week. Even though a fabrication about Photographer Laureate Jan Dirk van der Burg is in the soup. He was asked to record “the typically Dutch eve”, but thought it was “the eve of something”. Viewers are invited to submit photos via #kiekdevooravond. Marcel van Roosmalen grumbles that the grabbing photographer of Ferd Grapperhaus should of course have been sitting at the table.

No, then gymnast Lieke Wevers. Encourage her to sit down at the table now that her father can train her again. A father whom she calls Vincent as a coach, at home he is daddy. Britt Dekker you always do the undersigned a favor with that. She will present a quiz for young people that she turned up in Thailand and talk about arranging iPads for the elderly in a care home in corona time. Britt has been on the TV for ten years in October.

Renze summarizes the week very nicely from behind the piano. And Ruud? Ruud’s Minute has disappeared! But maybe not, because Friday appears to have a fixed item. Monique, Petra and their mother Marja from Rotterdam respond to news items throughout the week. Now and then you sit with your hands in front of your face in vicarious shame… and yet you immediately hope for next Friday.

Highlight: Stef Bos’s dad (and Martijn Koning’s dad)

The song Daddy Stef Bos is thirty years old and that is what is given Eveseason to create items about fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, and maybe mothers and daughters too. Comedian Martijn Koning and his dad Bram join us. They are funny and honest, but then it is about father Bram’s illness. He has cancer and is awaiting a major facial surgery. It turns out that the weekend that is now behind us turns out to have been the last weekend in which father and son were able to talk to each other. Bram is no longer able to do that after the operation, just like eating and drinking. What a (by the way) fantastic story and what optimism in a sick man. Stef Bos crawls behind the piano and his Dad comes in louder than ever. Even Marcel van Roosmalen’s mouth with leaves should have been silent now.


A week that promises something and of which you can say: “Eve deserves an absolute chance “. Renze Klamer, a fanatic member of Subways Opinion panel (we are a bit proud) speaks almost as fast as Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and can downshift a gear. Fidan’s personal opinions sometimes take a little longer. Furthermore: nice, fine and driven duo.

It is also nice that the editors are looking for surprise and creativity. That that is an extension of The world moves on is not a problem. A mix of news, surprise, endearment and teaching the viewer something has turned out to be a golden eve formula. When Marcel van Roosmalen no longer feels like his own grumbling, Fidan and Renze can shamelessly DWDDIt’s hit song Lucky TV recall. Few would blame them.

To Eve week 2. Will Ruud still be there?

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The first week of De Vooravond under the microscope: that will be something


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