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The five rules of … a day at the beach

The situation

Twenty plus on Buienradar, terraces that make up smart take aways and plenty of time: a long weekend is best spent with a day at the beach. Of course also with a distance of one and a half meters (that is at least three bath towels), but that is nice and fresh anyway. What are the mores, of a day of shoveling, baking and swimming?

The gamerules

  1. check your spot

Left with the dog, right with your bare butt. Still nice if you check in advance which club you want to belong to today. Usually there are signs at the beach entrance, but after a nice piece of strolling you can just be surprised. Bello suddenly goes there with a completely different stick… oh well, it is clear. Also important, the coastguard believes, if you pay close attention to where rip currents and currents can be dangerous. But otherwise: enjoy a full bowl.

  1. lubricate lubricate lubricate

No. No baguette and toast. Or well, also. But also that fragile skin of yours. Yes, you feel good as a croquette, but if you’re not careful you will end up as a cold frikandel in a few years. “Choose at least factor 30”, says dermatologist Norwegian of East. “And from factor 50 you do get brown. It stays beautiful even longer.” The time-honored decoration trick is not in it now, but you can always offer that handsome on the left a remote wine.

  1. sassen in the sea

With your water, your wine, your white beers and all other fine snacks, you can make a day by the sea at its most festive. Only drawback: after two hours you have a bladder like a beach ball. If you’re lucky, the toilets in beach bars are open, but you can also take your water to the sea for lack of facilities. A small puddle is fine between the waves, but the number two is obviously not a good idea. Seasoned beach-goer Marieke van der Meer has another tactic: “Dig a small hole and let yourself go. Sand over it and ready. No one sees.” Ehm …

  1. Do the burningman method

About that finely filled picnic basket. Delicious those refreshments and just as cozy. But make sure you put all that crap back in your basket. Don’t leave anything behind and pretend you weren’t there. Like at that American festival in the desert. Everyone takes everything back and there is no trace of the party visible. That’s cool.

  1. support the hospitality industry

Okay, we’re Dutch of course. And it should just be possible. But how social is it, if the weather permits, to order a sandwich at a beach pavilion instead of chewing your own bams with cheese (and sand). It is the liveliness that makes the beach just as nice in summer, so with an order in your bathing suit, you also help that tent through the summer. Otherwise you can leave at least a euro after your urination break.

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