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The five rules of … hay fever

The situation

This weekend we may be allowed to go outside without a coat. Hurray! “A major consequence of the rising temperature is that hay fever will become palpable again”, biologist Arnold van Vliet already told EditieNL. How do you make sure you get through this wild pollen season without too much sneeze?

The gamerules

1. Always take a nose-length lead

‘A smart girl is prepared for her future’ we learned at the end of the last century. And so it is with hay fever. Give yourself a nose length head start by checking the hay fever radar before every outing. Then you can see exactly which pollen is trying to pout in your nose on which day. And when it is best to stay indoors.

2. Don’t be a hay fever doubter

And then of course it’s about the increased sneezing phobia and coughing shame that is multiplying as lustfully as that damned coronavirus itself. You sniff in your elbow and stay at home as much as possible in case of complaints, but staring out the window for an entire season is also impossible. That is why the RIVM made a handy video last year to distinguish the symptoms. Also ideal to share with your doubting visitors.

3. Keep airing

You prefer to keep all those itchy pollen outside of course. But yes, against corona it is important to regularly air well. What to do? Alexander Provins of Blueair: “Treat yourself to a good air purifier. If the pollen is flying around, it is important for people with hay fever to keep it out. Opening a window for fresh air is unfortunately not an option. With an air purifier you can ensure that the indoor air quality is maintained and also removes the pollen that has slipped in. This means that 99 percent of the pollen is out of the room within 20 minutes and you have less trouble with your allergy symptoms. “

4. Spray those pollen all over

It is already very good that you keep as much pollen out as possible and at the first ray of sun you pull into the wide world with glasses, but also be aware that roommates can also bring pollen inside with you. So not only shower yourself before you go to sleep, but also your dog who rubbed so wonderfully along the bushes with his coat. And if possible, give your cat a wet cloth over its back. Also smart: do not dry your laundry outside, because then you wear those itchers right under your nose all day long.

5. Get a breath of fresh air at the sea

If you still want to enjoy the wonderful fresh air, then opt for a day at the beach. According to Arts & Zorg, it has been scientifically proven that there is more pollen in the air in the interior. So look for your spring fun by the sea, because then you can fully enjoy without being interrupted by a tickling nose or tear eyes. After all, you always recover from the sea.


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