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The five rules of … Mother’s Day

The situation

Sunday is Mother’s Day again. So especially for everyone who is chasing after the facts and yet has the sweetest mother in the world, here we share the most important do’s and don’ts for the day we en masse celebrate motherhood.

The gamerules

1. All Sunday in the sun

On Mother’s Day you put your mother in the limelight, and the day is really all about her. And for you, if you have delivered descendants to the world yourself. “Breakfast in bed is a perfect start to the day”, says Helene van Santen, editor-in-chief of Kek Mama. “But that does not mean that the day has been bought off. Preferably spoil your mother all day, because it is Mother’s Day and not Mother’s morning.”

2. Sweet words are the best

In addition to breakfast, there is of course a gift for Mother’s Day. None of this has to be too difficult, says Van Santen. “An order with Cartier is really not necessary, a visit to the chocolatier is often enough. I give my mother flowers and chocolate every year. ClichĆ© maybe, but always a hit. On my first Mother’s Day, I got two roses and very sweet “Cards my husband wrote on behalf of my baby boys. That’s surely the sweetest thing. Just like that homemade cappuccino mug.”

3. Don’t give hints

A little more about those gifts. As a mother you may be in the limelight, but it is not your birthday. And it’s not Christmas either. So it is nice that your partner and offspring think of nice things, but giving hints and leaving a wish list lying around is a no go, thinks Van Santen. “The most important thing is that you spend the day together, and that you also go to your own mother if you still can. Not too greedy, that gratitude works both ways.” By the way, you can hint that Mother’s Day is coming. So we can help you with this.

4. Partner points also count

As a father you have to wait another month until it is your day, but it is important not to put all the work on the kids this Sunday. On Mother’s Day you also show your partner that you appreciate her as a mother. That you are happy with everything she does for your little blood (s). And so you let her sleep in, you go down with impatient children’s feet to roll croissants and squeeze an orange. Or go with breakfast pancakes and toast, even better. Then you wait until Mother has subtly signaled from above that she is awake, before you storm upstairs with gifts and breakfast. Mother’s Day is a joint task.

5. Leave the piggy bank intact

Van Santen is very clear about the damage: those kinks really do not come from a child’s piggy bank. “The partner pays for mommy, yes, children really don’t have to do that. They can save for Lego and phone cases, and a craft or a sweet card is enough.” After all, you really don’t have to smash 100 euros for this day. And for those who want some gift ideas, Kek Mama has a few more.


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