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The five rules of … old and new without fireworks

The situation

A strange year that is also topped off with a strange New Year’s Eve: how could it be otherwise. This year we will wave goodbye with a maximum of two men and a horse’s head and without a screaming kitchen maid. Logical, of course, with those bombs that have been fired at healthcare for months. But how do you have a nice blast this year, without fireworks?

The gamerules

1. Bang each other

Now that you’re on top of each other’s lips, you might as well make the most of it. So go, put on something nice for your courtship and start the new year with a bang d’amour. Give those kids a handful of bubble wrap at noon and finally put that disco light down. Whether you are with your family, with your sweetheart or with friends. Don’t have all of that at home? No worries. You can always watch the video of last year’s fireworks show sitting on the Erasmus Bridge. Yes right?

Cherish your happy cat

Not only the care is grateful to you for cutting the bangers, but also the cat and the dog. Every year they are terrified at the end of the year, now they can sit comfortably on your lap at Matthijs, Youp or Guido. Purrrrrrrrfect.

3. Beasts with the neighbors

Having a drink inside with eight of us is not possible now, but outside is fine. Provided, ah, you know. There is a good chance that your neighbors will also be home this year, so step outside for a drink and a warm New Year’s wish. Remember those singing Italians during that first lockdown? Set up a fire pit in the front yard and invite your neighbors to a night concert in the street. After all, after three champagne everything sounds good.

4. Out with a horn

If that is really all too boring for you, then this is still a tip for you: get in the car with the whole street and horn yourself, and all the setbacks of the past months, full throttle the year.

Celebrate the change

It could be one time, it could be forever. It has only been since the 1970s that gunpowder has been on the New Year’s Eve map in the Netherlands, so it may just be that a new tradition is being born this year. And that’s a pretty good idea, they know at Psychology Magazine. In the list of New Year’s resolutions (because come on, everyone has them. At least one), accepting change is a good addition. “Learn to suffer,” for example. It is simply a different old and new than usual. Celebrate that change as the start of something new. Happy new life!


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