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The five rules…. with family on vacation

The situation

We may not go far, but we are all together. With the whole community in a resort in Antalya, it may not be right now. But with three tents next to each other, or all the caravans in a circle, the holiday can still begin. With the whole family yes. But how do you make sure you don’t fight each other out on day two? Sander Janson – mister Campinglife himself – explains what the mores are all on vacation.

The gamerules

1. Rummikub is your salvation

After a day or two, the cows and calves have been milked out, the news has been exchanged and the immediate area has been explored. And nothing tastier against paralytic than a game of bullying, Rummikub or Scrabble. Or Settlers of Catan, for the real fanatics. In no time, not only the stones, but also the proportions of the past are back on the table. But now you don’t turn the plate over when you have to go to jail for the third time. However?

2. Never interfere with each other’s upbringing

Your sister’s two boys are real raw dews and bounce through the tent at 7am. No wonder, you whisper to your courtship, because your sister doesn’t take it too hard with the disk of five. In her eyes, 10 banana foam on holiday counts as a fruit breakfast. The art of a successful holiday is mainly to keep your waffle about it. For many, an attack on parenting style feels like a dot of lemon juice in your naked eye. Choose an activity with your own cabal if the crowds become too much for you, or if the irritation is already hanging on your larynx. Once you have cooled down, you can do the rest again.

3. Pretend you are at home

You make coffee for the whole kiet. And once in a while you give a round on the terrace of course. Shit as soon as a job has to be done (I don’t mention names, Bart), loud music at the middle of the night, walk into someone’s bedroom at seven, leave your waste lying around: you don’t do that at home either, so why would you go on holiday ? Fine if you let the reins celebrate a little under the guise of vacation, but keep it fun for everyone. Sander: “You don’t like to rinse your dishes yourself in a sink where someone’s macaroni is still shining? Exactly. ”

4. Keep deliciously clear

You can see everything about your (in-laws) family for a few days on each other’s lips. You can’t sit up all week. If you like to be on your own, it is best to say that clearly. Nobody is crazy. Or are you a clean joke yourself and are you not very good against towels and cans of beer from yesterday? Please do not hesitate to agree on a schedule schedule. No doubt someone is going to laugh about that, but do you care?

5. Whisper boxes
Sex is better done with the lights off when you are at the campsite. Otherwise, the next morning you will be classified as the wayang puppets of field 3. You don’t want that. And preferably not a big thumbs up from your brother-in-law, when you unzip the tent the next morning with tousled sex hair. “Quite a bit of course, of course, but a tent or apartment with walls made of cardboard is much noisier than a house. So also add your beaks with the lights and free as hedgehogs. ” Do you witness a game of Pim Pam Bed in the family? Then make a good joke about it, says Sander. “The question of how long they have been together always does well.”


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