The forgotten new car: BMW 323i with only 260 kilometers


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This is not a coveted M3 or another sought-after special model, but a comparatively normal 323i from 1985. But on closer inspection, the red coupe turns out to be anything but normal, because the one from the dealer Meyer Hafner in Klagenfurt E30 offered at Wörthersee, we are talking about a time capsule that is probably unique in this condition.
BMW 323i E30

Like new: paintwork and decorative parts do not look like vintage cars, but much more like new cars. The 323i has been well preserved.

The 323i is a new car

After 37 years, the analog speedometer shows an unbelievable 260 kilometers and no, this is not a fully restored vehicle. The E30 is practically a new car, the 260 kilometers come from a transfer. What sounds too good to be true at first seems to be true, because the 323i actually looks like a new car in the pictures. The paintwork is in perfect condition, the original factory Recaro sports seats look like they have never been sat on and the chrome parts are as shiny as when they were delivered in 1985.

BMW 323i E30

Inviting: With only 260 kilometers on the clock, it is not surprising that the interior looks like new.

The interior is even said to have the smell of a new car and at the same time the dealer promises that the E30 will not show any damage. On the other hand, the coupé with the exterior color “vermilion” is in absolutely original condition, even the first tires from 1985 are still fitted.

First gear bottom left

In addition to the Recaro seats, an original BMW Bavaria radio, a mechanical locking differential, a rear spoiler and a three-spoke leather steering wheel are on board. Under the front-hinged hood is the rather rare 2.3-liter six-cylinder (M20B23), which initially released 139 hp and from the end of 1983 150 hp to the rear wheels. The power transmission takes over a five-speed manual transmission with dogleg design, i.e. first gear at the bottom left.
In 1982 the second generation of the BMW 3 Series came onto the market and was offered as a sedan, touring, coupe and convertible for a long period until 1994. Even the youngest specimens are on the way to becoming vintage cars, and cheap E30s are now the exception rather than the rule. The six-cylinder models 320i, 323i and 325i in particular are sought after and accordingly expensive. Not to mention the iconic M3 E30 and other rare special models like the 320is (the Italo-M3) and the 333i.

E30 is rarely available at a low price

Prices of 30,000 euros for an original 325i in good condition with a decent history are no longer uncommon. 323i are even rarer, but usually a little cheaper. With a bit of luck, good specimens are available for less than 20,000 euros.

BMW 323i E30

Unbelievable: The E30 has only been driven 260 kilometers in the last 37 years.

The 323i clearly costs six figures

This very special new 323i is a galaxy away from that. The dealer calls for a hefty 119,990 euros for the accident-free and repaint-free (no wonder given the low mileage) 323i. Not only does that cost more than a brand new Porsche 911 (992) Carrera or an M3 G80, it also costs more than many M3 E30s are being quoted for.

An important piece of information is also not very clear: Was the E30 ever approved? If not, it should now be difficult to officially register the coupé. On the other hand, this one-off 323i will most likely end up in a collector’s garage anyway.

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