The four classes from Jack Jeanne presented in videos

Developer and publisher Broccoli is currently showing us the four classes with one video each Jack Jeanne in front. However, anyone who is expecting archers, swordsmen and the like is completely wrong. Jack Jeanne plays at a theater school and the students are divided into four classes: Quartz, Onyx, Rhodonite and Amber.

Tokyo Ghoul maker Sui Ishida is responsible for creating the characters in Jack Jeanne. In the simulation section, the heroine Kisa Tachibana deepens her relationships with her classmates. With these she will then present a dance performance in the area of ​​rhythm play, with the models being displayed in 3D.

The dancer among men

Tamasaka is an opera group that consists only of men who, depending on the piece, slip into female roles. The troupe runs the “Univers Opera School”, where future actors learn their trade. The talented students are divided into four classes. It is not easy to get a place at this coveted educational institution.

The heroine Kisa Tachibana has already given up her theater life. But due to a certain event she received a special permit to visit the “Univers Opera School”. To do this, however, it must meet two conditions.

  • She has to take part in the final dance performance at the end of the year.
  • She has to hide the fact that she is a woman.

What future will she expect after the one year?

Jack Jeanne will be released in Japan for Nintendo Switch on March 18, 2021 after several postponements.





via Gematsu, images: Jack Jeanne, Broccoli, Happinet


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