The free games for the weekend on Epic and Steam

Also this weekend there are various games in the Epic Games Store and on Steam. The overview.

Various attractive PC games are currently available free of charge in the Epic Games Store and on Steam. There is something for every gaming taste. The two titles on the Epic Games Store will be permanently added to your games library if you add them there by July 28, 5 p.m.

Free on the Epic Games Store: Shop Titans and Tannenberg

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Game “Tannenberg”

Up to 64 players plunge into authentically recreated key World War I battles. The game has a USK release “from 18” and is therefore aimed at adults. By clicking “Get” you permanently add the game to your Epic games library. The game normally costs 19.99 euros.

Epic Games Store: Tannenberg (until July 28, 5 p.m.)

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Game “Shop Titans”

Players may set up a shop in a city to do business there. The goal is to become a particularly successful shopkeeper and have a positive influence on the adventure town. To do this, objects such as swords, shields and boots must be made and then brought to the man or woman. Shop Titans is a free-to-play title. As part of the Epic Game promotion, players will receive approximately $100 in in-game credits if they reach level 8 in the game by July 28, 2022 5 p.m.

Epic Games Store: Shop Titans (with $100 in-game credit)

Free weekend on Steam: Various titles

On Steam, you don’t get various games permanently free of charge, but you can download and play them for free over the weekend up to and including Monday, 6 p.m. The games can also be bought at a discount. Specifically, this weekend you can choose from:

Steam Free Weekend: Rubber Bandits

Steam Free Weekend: Left 4 Dead 2

Steam Free Weekend: Insurgency Sandstorm

Steam Free Weekend: Hell Let Loose

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