The Germans are dreaming of these 10 accommodations on Airbnb

After weeks of isolation, a house by the lake looks as tempting as a luxury hotel.


  • While travel regulations around the world are noticeably relaxed, those who have stayed at home are already dreaming of distant countries.
  • The Airbnb platform shows the most popular accommodations and thus reveals how the travel planning of its users is.
  • Holiday destinations in their own country are currently particularly popular with travelers from Germany.

After weeks of isolation in their own four walls, many Germans had already given up hope of summer vacation – but not their wanderlust. A virtual foray through possible vacation spots helped some to dream briefly into the distance.

Clear positive signs for tourism have been set within the past week. Tourists within Europe should already be allowed to travel to the majority of popular summer vacation destinations again in June.

And while travel regulations around the world are slowly being relaxed, many of those who have stayed at home so far are getting inspiration for their next trip.

Based on internal data from the Airbnb platform, for example, initial indications of future travel plans for users can be read. The most popular accommodations – those that have been saved the most and placed on the wish list – include cozy huts, luxurious private villas and secluded tiny houses. Vacation destinations in their own country seem to be particularly popular among users from Germany.

These are some of the most popular accommodations that Airbnb users from all over Germany prefer as vacation spots:

Germans’ wish list: These are the 10 accommodations on Airbnb that users dream of most


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