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The ghost village of Cinquefrondi in Italy sells houses for 1 euro

A house in the Italian municipality of Cinquefrondi.

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The dream of owning a home often fails due to financial resources. Not everyone is ready to pay off a loan for years. In a village in southern Italy, however, things are a little different. Empty houses are being offered for sale here – for just one euro.

Italy was particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic. In particular, the high infection rates in the north of the country put a strain on the health system. The opposite is the case in the southern Italian municipality of Cinquefrondi. The village advertises that it has no more corona cases, as reported by the US news channel “CNN”. The plan: The city wants to attract new residents and is even going so far as to offer individual houses from one euro.

The problem is not new in Italy. Many young people move from the countryside to the city to find work. Not only houses, but also schools are empty. Churches and streets are falling into disrepair. Cinquefrondis Mayor Michele Conia calls his new plan “Operation Beauty” and wants to modernize the cityscape.

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