The Golden Classic 2021: The winners

We look forward to the results of the Golden Classic every year. How did our readers vote? Which classics are particularly popular, which ones get lost in the plethora of candidates? In the run-up we are puzzling over what the readers’ vote could be.
This year, too, there were 50 classics in five categories for online voting. Our oldest candidate – the Rumpler Teardrop Car – celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021, and the 20-year-old Toyota Highlander completed the selection as the youngest candidate.

Icons of automotive history – chosen by you on the podium

When the results arrived at the editorial office, it became clear: Neither the particularly old nor the particularly young classics are at the top of the readers’ favorites. With Renault 4, BMW 1500 and Jaguar E-Type you chose vehicles from the 60s in three of five categories. The youngest winner this year: the Mercedes SL (R 107), the 50th anniversary of its market launch. The Unimog 2010 from 1951 completes the field of the five winning “classics of the year”. Our candidates, who recently slipped into the H license plate age in 2021, are mostly in the back seats. It seems to be at least too early for the Opel Astra F, but the Audi Cabriolet and the Mercedes W 140 are already showing that future winners could mature here.

Dogged discussions in the expert jury

In the following picture gallery we show all five winners in more detail with a short introductory text. We also dedicate ourselves to the winners in the categories “Find of the Year”, “Restoration of the Year” and “Person of the Year”. As in the previous year, the decision for these three categories was made by a jury of experts. The discussion rounds were committed and with great attention to detail. Example “Find of the Year”: rarity, historical significance and the stories about the find were weighed against each other and caused dogged discussions. In the end, the unusual story of the winning find prevailed. For the “Restoration of the Year”, the work involved, its implementation and its historical significance were used as evaluation parameters. We were won over by the restorer’s meticulous examination of the original substance and the personal commitment to implement the restoration. As every year, the trophy for the “Person of the Year” honors people who work for the scene and for the preservation of historical cultural assets.

Picture gallery


These are the winners of the year

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