The Golf 8 facelift could bring more quality in 2024

The Golf 8 is ready for its facelift in 2024. No other model represents the brand from Lower Saxony as much as the compact model. With the eighth generation, the Golf should be transferred to the digital age. The model has never been as networked as it is today, but Volkswagen had to listen to some criticism, especially at the market launch. The complaints from customers and journalists have apparently been fruitful, because the blockbuster is now finally supposed to shed its teething problems for the facelift. The How To Cars illustrator has already considered what the revised Wolfsburg could look like.


VW Golf 8 eHybrid - percent assembly

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Visually, the Golf is approaching the ID family for the facelift. The daytime running lights migrate to the edges of the headlight. The lights themselves are reminiscent of the current T-Roc. The aprons are also adjusted, now approaching the “glasses design” of other models of the brand.

Better interior materials

In the interior, VW could work on the materials in detail. Here, the sometimes criticized hard plastic could be replaced by foamed plastic and fabric. Also with a view to the infotainment VW will probably rework. This has already been improved on the current model, but a larger touchscreen and even better hardware and software can be expected for the facelift.

The Golf will continue to be operated conventionally

VW will probably not shake the drives much. The Golf is already almost entirely electrified and therefore need not fear the future. Of course, Volkswagen will give the Golf the most modern stage of expansion of the respective units at the time of the facelift. It remains to be seen whether the Wolfsburg will stick to the diesel.

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