The Good Life introduces publishers and a new trailer

The Irregular Corporation partners with White Owls Inc. and Swery to create The Good Life to be released on PCs and consoles in summer 2021. The developers of White Owls Inc., who once pre-financed the game at Kickstarter, now also have a publisher at their side. In the same breath a new trailer was released today.

In The Good Life, players take on the role of New York photographer Naomi at a point in time when her life ends in the quiet, rural town of Rainy Woods in England. On the surface, it seems like everyone in the village has a good life. However, when Naomi begins to pay off her debts through photography and weird odd jobs, she soon realizes that not everything is what it seems in the “happiest city on earth”. Shapeshifters are just the beginning of the mysteries Naomi must reveal in The Good Life.

You use your detective skills in the game and master the art of investigative photojournalism to uncover the secrets of Rainy Woods. Take on jobs to keep yourself afloat financially and provide your own vegetable garden. Forge friendships and live your life in Rainy Woods.

The release is planned for PCs, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Images: The Good Life, The Irregular Corporation / White Owls. Inc, Grounding Inc.


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