The hoopla in Palm Springs for Marilyn Monroe’s racy image

The statue is called Forever Marilyn. The creator, Seward Johnson, portrays the actress as she appeared in the movie The Seven Year Itch, which Billy Wilder made in 1955. In the scene in question, the star stands on a vent, causing her dress to blow up to her waist at the back. . The statue was also on display in the center of the city from 2012 to 2014, to the great enthusiasm of many tourists who eagerly took their picture with it.

But times have changed and the image has become too spicy for many, including in the city’s local art world. The plans to put it in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum, in particular, go wrong with the director of this institution. “You come out of the museum and the first thing you see is an 8 meter high Marilyn Monroe with her back bare and in underwear. We have over 100,000 students who come to our museum every year.” He wonders what kind of message conveys an image that he says is “sexually charged and disrespectful”.

The city council wants to continue the placement of the statue, an initiative of a consortium of local hotels.


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