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the hospitality walk (and these are the best to participate)

Call it food tour, call it catering walk or call it street food walk. The fact is that we walk a lot in these corona times. Logical; there is also little to do and without having to put our nose out of the door every day, we are screaming mad. So why not make an (extra great) virtue of necessity and stroll past the best restaurants?

The best hospitality walks

If you participate in a catering walk, you register in advance and pay a certain rate. Then you often get a strip card and you can use it to walk past a select group of affiliated restaurants. They know you are coming and will each serve you a nice snack and / or drink. A kind of walking tasting, actually. How nice is that ?!

There are many Amsterdam restaurants that organize catering walks themselves, but there are also many great initiatives nationwide. We list the best for you.

The Breda Group Food Tour (Amsterdam)

The Breda Group, you know, that bunch of young dogs that together run restaurants GUTS (which unfortunately, unfortunately will close), Breda, Maris Piper, Paindemie and Pita (in the Foodhallen), will be organizing a great food on March 27 and 28. tour. Immediately do all of their fantastic restaurants. Look for more information or to make a reservation on the site.

East Side Easter Run (Amsterdam)

Restaurants Coulisse, Entrepot, Foer, Scheepskameel, Gebr. Hartering and Stadsbakkerij As have a very nice culinary walk in store for you during the Easter weekend (4 and 5 April). Enjoy an afternoon strolling through Amsterdam East, while visiting some of the best restaurants in the city.

You will receive a culinary dish at every restaurant / bakery. Both vegetarian tickets and fish / meat tickets are available. You can find more information online.

Tasty Walk (almost all of the Netherlands)

Fortunately, the catering walk is not only reserved for our capital. For example, Tasty Walk organizes these food tours throughout most of the Netherlands. From Delft to Leeuwarden to Maastricht and Zwolle.

Every Tasty Walk takes you along six different nice eating places and you get a tasty dish everywhere. You determine the order in which you visit the eating places. Which restaurants the tour goes to is a surprise that you only hear after ordering, but via Instagram you already get one sneak preview.

For more information, visit

Le Food Walk Amsterdam

This is so nice: Le Food Walk organizes various catering walks through Amsterdam. All walks start between 12 noon and 3.30 pm, which will take you 5 to 8.5 km through De Pijp or Amsterdam-Zuid. Along cool tents such as Slagerij de Beurs, Gebr. Hartering and Otto Volante, for example. In the meantime, you will taste 5 to 6 bites and 2 drinks.

More info on the site. Be quick, because they sell out like crazy.

WijnSpijs walk (almost all of the Netherlands)

The Sunday afternoon is now reserved for the WijnSpijs walk. You walk from 12:00 to 17:00 past six (sometimes one more or less) restaurants in your favorite city. Of course you can taste a nice wine-food combination at every restaurant. Walking is done in your own company and at your own pace.

Via the website you can see which culinary walks are available and through which cities they take you. You can also buy your tickets online.

Culinary walk with Delicious (various cities)

The website organizes restaurant walks through major cities such as Leiden, Maastricht, Dordrecht, The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam. But you can also do a tour along De Vliet in Rijswijk and Voorburg.

In the meantime, you will visit the coolest restaurants, including some star restaurants. The restaurant walks are available from € 35, – pp. For more information or to make a reservation, visit

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