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Monday 11 January 2021 it will be fifty years ago that the Promenade Hotel in The Hague, Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade since last year, was officially opened.

The rich history of Het Promenade Hotel dates back to 1813, when a small hunting lodge called Klein Zorgvliet was built on this land, owned by King Willem 1.

In 1828, a permit was requested for another pavilion to sell refreshments. Twenty years later, this pavilion, called Buitenlust, became the property of King Willem 2 and gives it the name Klein Zorgvliet back. After his death, it passed into the hands of Thomas van Stolk, the founder of the current Van Stolk Park. He sells the property to architect-engineer L.A. Brouwer and opens Hôtel de la Promenade, which is constantly being expanded.

The strategic location of the hotel was noticed during the Second World War by German soldiers who besieged the hotel. The Scheveningen groves had meanwhile been cut down to obtain firewood and the rest of the trees in the area were cut and used as firewood during the hunger winter. After the war, the hotel remained empty and dilapidated and was demolished for road construction in this area.

It will take until 1968 before the construction of the Promenade Hotel started, designed by architect P. Zandstra. The hotel is a building typical of that period: robust and sturdy with lots of concrete and straight lines. The hotel was built by famous Hagenaar Bertus Meijer. He said the reason for the construction was that he needed space to hang his paintings and artwork. In this way he was able to invite his friends from all over the world to come and stay and enjoy art. The hotel had more than 600 paintings, more than 100 lithos and dozens of sculptures. This has made the hotel in the Guinness Book of Records. Today the hotel operates under the name Leonardo Royal Den Haag Promenade.

Impression advertisement Promenade Hotel 1970.

Impression advertisement Promenade Hotel 1970.

The anniversary is celebrated with a special edition of the Promenade newspaper and various anniversary promotions, if corona technically possible.


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