The impressive accident of this Citroën AMI

After delivery delays and a haphazard finish, the Citroën Ami is once again making a name for itself following a road accident.

The Citroën Ami was a small revolution in the world of electric cars. Not really a car since it is stored in light quadricycles, Citroën’s small license-free vehicle offers electric mobility at the best price. But to contain its price, it necessarily makes concessions.

Thus, the Ami presents a particularly rustic equipment and admits a quality of manufacture which does not please all the customers: doors which do not close any more or which open in the bends, water infiltration, a lost demisting and even charging problems. Enough to fear a perfectible development, especially in terms of active and passive safety.

However, one user had the unfortunate opportunity to testify on the road, after being struck from behind on a secondary network road. According to the testimony of the driver’s father, relayed on Facebook *, the following car overtaking would have misunderstood the speed of the Citroën Ami, restrained to 45 km / h, and would have struck it at 110 km / h.

Passive safety of the Friend in the standards

If the speed of the following car is debated on social networks in view of the damage caused to the Citroën Ami, the city car without a license seems to have a shock absorption capacity that does not suffer from criticism. Particularly as a result of the shock, the Ami was thrown several meters in a barrel. This behavior is not really surprising in view of the circumstances and the high center of gravity of the cart.

Fortunately, the driver’s vital prognosis, to whom we wish a speedy recovery, is not engaged and comes out with cervical pain and multiple cuts caused by the explosion of the rear window, located just behind the head of the occupants.

* Editor’s note: As of this writing, the original post has been removed due to unpleasant comments.

Author’s opinion

Again in the context of the context, the introduction of the post on social networks seems quite paradoxical, since the author warns about the risk that the Friend can bring. Even if it is imperfect, the Citroën Ami does not pose any more risk than any other unlicensed car that we pass on our roads daily.

As on two-wheelers, and more precisely on a bicycle or moped, the risk is represented by other irresponsible drivers, who do not hesitate to exceed speed limits without having sufficient visibility and safety distances. The driver of the Ami was perfectly within the rules of the Highway Traffic Act, unlike the second driver who caused the accident.


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