The judgment of the Stiftung Warentest is so devastating

Whether Wish or AliExpress, whether Amazon or eBay: Many Asian retailers sell their goods through online shops like this one. As a customer, you will be attracted by bargain prices. For most online shops such as Wish or Joom are a real shopping paradise. Because from clothing to technology there is almost everything your heart desires. And then also significantly cheaper than in Germany. The Warentest Foundation has now taken a closer look at four of these shops in the new edition of “test”.

Dangerous scrap from China

Together with five other European consumer organizations, the testers bought 250 products from mostly Asian retailers via the online portals Wish, AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay. These included chargers for smartphones and external batteries, children’s toys, cosmetic products, clothing and other goods such as helmets.

The result is staggering: many of these often brandless products turned out to be dangerous in the test. The British consumer organization Which, for example, bought four smoke detectors for 6 euros on eBay – including shipping. In the test, none of them responded to smoke. A brandless power bank for 2 euros, which the testers bought through AliExpress, burned through. “Anyone who uses the product can also get a blow,” said the devastating verdict.

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Consumer protection bought the “Baby Hai” music box in the Wish online shop – a plagiarism for around 9 euros. The problem with this: The battery compartment was not locked. “Danger of swallowing and suffocation for small children!”, Judge the testers. A motorcycle helmet that the testers bought from Amazon for 36 euros does not meet EU safety standards. A risk for drivers.

You should keep this in mind when buying on Wish, AliExpress and Co.

The prices attract many buyers. Perhaps you know the saying: If you buy cheap, you buy twice. This applies to many goods in online shops such as Wish, Joom and Co. But while the sweater may be too small, buying cheap electronics can be devastating. Because such cent items are not only a danger for you as a buyer. A burned charger can in the worst case cause a fire in an apartment or house.

The problem often is that buyers accept these dangers, poor quality and extremely long delivery times if the price is right. However, if the customs authorities determine that this is a plagiarism, the article is confiscated. Then money and goods are gone. This also applies to goods without a CE mark. So if the price of supposed branded goods is remarkably cheap: stay away.

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In addition, many goods arrive defective at the customer. For example, if the goods are cheaper, Wish will refund the money without you having to return the product. But that’s not always the case. And for the not exactly low shipping costs for the package to China, you also have to pay.


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