The Last of Us Part II: Inside the Details – this is how the game should come to life

After yesterday’s state of play too The Last of Us Part II, which featured a new gameplay sequence among other things, continues today with the next “Inside” video. Once again, the developers have their say and talk about their work.

It started with a look at history, then we were shown the gameplay, today we continue with the details. The developers explain how they want to make the game as authentic as possible. Of course, this starts with the graphics and detailed character models, which can convey emotions. But the behavior should also be as realistic as possible, including that of the opponents. You also visited the real locations of the game in order to implement the buildings and plants as well as possible.

Another “Inside” episode will follow and focus on the world. The Last of Us Part II will be released on June 19, 2020 after a short-term postponement. Also recently announced was a limited steel book edition, which you can buy exclusively from Amazon *. This is a different steel book than the one available in the Special Edition *. Do you even need new hardware? Then The Last of Us Part II: PS4 Pro in the Limited Edition might be something for you.

Inside the details

via Sony, images: The Last of Us Part II, Sony / Naughty Dog


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