The Last of Us Part II: Inside the World – dangerous and now even bigger

Accompanying “inside” videos of AAA productions close to the launch are now a good thing. Interested players and especially fans can gain more insight into the games, but also into the development. Of course, too The Last of Us Part II his “Inside” series.

It started with a look at the story, then we were shown the gameplay and the details. Today the world continues. And this world is one thing above all, namely dangerous. If you don’t live in a protected environment or cannot defend yourself, you have to be careful. Compared to the first part, the world is now said to be significantly larger. The locations range from a contemplative small town to an urban theater of war with various factions and nature. There are also new mutations in those infected.

The Last of Us Part II will be released on June 19, 2020 after a short-term postponement. Also recently announced was a limited steel book edition, which you can buy exclusively from Amazon *. This is a different steel book than is available in the Special Edition *. Do you even need new hardware? Then The Last of Us Part II: PS4 Pro in the Limited Edition might be something for you.

Inside the world

via Sony, images: The Last of Us Part II, Sony / Naughty Dog


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