The Legend of Zelda: The best memories from 35 years of adventure

Appeared 35 years ago today The Legend of Zelda for the Family Computer Disk System in Japan. The action adventure was developed by Nintendo under the leadership of Shirgeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka and founded one of the most famous video game series in the world.

The story is about Link and takes place in the land of Hyrule. There it is Link’s task to reunite eight fragments of the Triforce in order to ultimately save Princess Zelda from the antagonist Ganon. Some things haven’t changed until today.

There have been several ports and re-releases of the original, which sold 6.5 million times worldwide. The Legend of Zelda was and is playable on the last Nintendo systems. For Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U via the Virtual Console. Nintendo Switch is also included in the NES Switch Online Games.

The Legend of Zelda was followed by numerous other games and offshoots. The vast majority were received positively by critics and fans, but as is well known, there were also one or the other “slip”. This includes many fans of all things Zelda: Skyward Sword, which Nintendo will be releasing for Nintendo Switch this year. Will it find more followers this time?

Originally released for Nintendo Wii in 2011, the title stood out for its motion control with Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The motion control, which is unpopular among fans, also makes it into the remaster and should work more precisely and intuitively. This time, however, a “button only” control method is also being developed.

Link’s many adventures

There have been Zelda games where Link is shrunk to miniature format. Or Zelda games in which Link becomes a drawing and can walk along walls. Link sometimes masters the wind, sometimes a musical instrument. There are now even offshoots in which you “follow the beat”. Sometimes Link is pressed for time, and sometimes he travels through time. And there’s even a Zelda game without Zelda.

We have had many adventures over the years. I personally remember Ocarina of Time, but the Game Boy adventure Link’s Awakening also has a place in my heart. Breath of the Wild also gained a special place in my personal Zelda ranking. For me, it took exploring a world to a new level.

Which Zelda adventures do you remember particularly well?

“Link is and will be a hero for the ages,” are the first words on Nintendo’s website for the series. There is something to it, fans will probably judge today. Happy birthday, Zelda!

Images: The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo


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