The Lion King: Did Scar eat Mufasa’s dead body?

The whole world knows The Lion King meanwhile. Yet fans manage to come up with new theories about the film. TikTokker @ classyking0, for example, started to think about the (heartbreaking) death of Mufasa and came to a horrifying conclusion.

Mufasa’s death in The Lion King is forever burned on our retinas. The King of Pride Rock wants to save his son Simba, who was about to be trampled by a herd of wildebeest. He succeeds with flying colors, but the moment he has to fight for his life himself, his brother Scar pushes him into the deeperik. Literally.

Once the herd has completely passed, Simba runs to his father’s lifeless body. His uncle Scar (unfairly) blames him, and orders him to flee. After that moment, viewers get from The Lion King the body of Mufasa can no longer be seen. And TikTokker @ classyking0 raised questions about this.


In a video on TikTok, he claims that Scar ate Mufasa’s dead body. And he has collected evidence for that. First and foremost, there is no animal species that will eat the remains of a lion. Except… lions.

A bit further on in the movie Scar can be seen in his cave. He plays with a skull, which is very much like that of a lion. It is not at all certain whether that theory is correct. This is because it concerns events that took place off-screen.


The theory seems logical. So it is very clear that Scar does not think his brother is such a nice pear. He confirmed that by killing Mufasa. Scar is also the one who informs the other lions of Mufasa’s death… without evidence.


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