The little camping ABC – camper terms explained!

Are you planning your first vacation with a camper this summer? You should familiarize yourself with the following terms. Camping from A to Z!

A – Ramps – because nobody wants to sleep crooked or splash around when the water in the sink isn’t draining properly.

B – Bluetooth box – good music makes a nice round around the campfire perfect! But please only loud enough that the neighbors can sleep peacefully…


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C – Chemistry – doesn’t have to be! There are also eco-friendly additives for the toilet, such as Awiwa’s microbiological ones.

D – Shower – the simplest variant is the solar shower, a bag made of black plastic that heats the filled water with the heat of the sun.

E – Electrical connection – always have the right adapter with you! CEE on Schuko, for example, which has an additional hole for France.

f – Bike – to run small errands and big trips without having to repack the campervan.

G – Watering can – in case there is no hose hanging from the water dispenser.

H – Hammer – so that the pegs for the awning feet or the awning also hold properly!

I – Induction hotplate – is now available in small, light and cheap. This is great for cooking outside on the campsite with a power connection. Odors and grease splashes stay away from upholstery and mattresses.

J– Annual leave – if you only do a longer tour once a year, you can simply rent a campervan. Over many years, this is usually cheaper than the one-off purchase of a new vehicle.

K – Cable drum – because sometimes the power columns are quite far away.

L – Chargers – Smartphones, tablets & Co. also need to be supplied on holiday.

M – Furniture – comfortable camping chairs, a stable table and possibly a folding chest of drawers for outside increase the relaxation factor enormously.

N – Night light – if you are groping your way towards the wash house in the dark, you should have a flashlight or headlamp with you.

O – Earplugs – Campervan walls are quite thin and the window is open at night. When the neighbors start snoring, without a plug, restful sleep is quickly over.

P – Do not forget your papers – vehicle registration document, ID card, driver’s license, insurance card, etc.!

Q – Quality – if you buy cheap, you buy twice! Better save a little longer for the new cool box or the new deck chair and
buy something durable.

R – Tire covers – if you stand in one place for a long time in the hot sun, you should protect the tires from too much heat. Otherwise standing plates can occur.

S – Soap for washing hands or washing clothes, a bar of curd soap is indispensable. A small plastic bag or can is ideal for storage.

T – TV set – is not a must, but if you are away for a long time, you may be happy about a change on rainy days. Alternatively, load your favorite series onto the tablet.

u – Underlay – if you want to avoid dirt in the campervan, place a doormat or similar for your shoes in front of the entrance.

V – Insurance – for trips abroad, a corresponding cover letter should be taken out.

W – Clothesline – stretched between two trees, it dries things much better!

X – Xylophone – well, a guitar would do around the campfire too…

Y – Ybbstaler Voralpen – they don’t necessarily have to be included, but: Good travel planning, including reservations at the selected campsites, will help you to be able to enjoy your holiday in a more relaxed manner.

Z – Lashing straps – Camping furniture and bicycles should always be securely fastened.

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