The Masked Singer comes with its own coloring pages for the kids

The Champagne, the Fireworks, the Oliebol, the Clock and the Snowman will do everything they can on New Year’s Eve to stay in ‘The Masked Singer’ as long as possible. Not only the voices and celebrities in the program are spectacular, but the suits are especially breathtaking. Now you or your kids can make those costumes even more beautiful with these coloring pages.

The Champagne bottle, the Fireworks and the Clock


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Guess it: Clock’s first images in The Masked Singer

the Oliebol and the Snowman

the Oliebol and the Snowman


Do you want to print these coloring pages immediately when you see them? Which can! NewsABC.net the Champagne bottle, the Fireworks, the Clock, the Oliebol and the Snowman here.

The first images of the special The Masked Singerepisode already give a little idea of ​​the possible celebrities hidden in the suits. View the first images of the Fireworks below.

The Masked Singer old & new special can be seen on RTL 4 on 31 December from 8.30 pm.

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