‘The Masked Singer’ is over for Suikerspin: this BV hid behind the mask

One of the masked singers take off his mask. This week it was the turn of cotton candy. She had, however, blown over the investigative panel with her impressive voice. In her last episode she (like the other masked candidates) sang two songs. Cotton candy chose Crazy in Love from Beyoncé and Who You Are from Jessie J.

The investigative team was divided. When it turned out that Cotton Candy had to take off her mask, all four of them got one more chance to guess. And all investigators gave a different name. Jens Dendoncker chose Zita Wauters, Julie Van den Steen was convinced of Danira Boukhriss. Karen Damen went for Nora Gharib and guest detective Lize Feryn named Charlotte Leysen.

“The baby was always there”

In the end, Karen Damen turned out to be the only one right. None other than Nora Gharib was hidden under the mask of Cotton candy all this time. Her name had quickly appeared in the program. But it also disappeared just as quickly, because she had just given birth.

This delivery did not stop Nora Gharib at all. More: “The baby was always there!” The 27-year-old singer and actress told this after she had taken off her mask. Barely eight days after her caesarean section, she was already on stage for a first rehearsal of The Masked Singer.


The recordings of The Masked Singer would normally have continued much earlier. But they were delayed by the corona crisis. At the time the program was normally scheduled, Nora was eight months pregnant. She would tuck her round stomach under the gigantic cotton candy skirt.

Finals week with 3 episodes

Next week Duiker, Queen and Wolf will compete against each other in the grand final of The Masked Singer. For VTM, which broadcasts on Friday, November 6, fans will get a lot more from it The Masked Singer to see. The finals week will have no less than 3 episodes.

On Wednesday, November 4 The Secrets Behind The Masked Singer to see. In it we see how the program went for all dropouts until then. They also tell how they experienced the adventure and what they did to keep their identity a secret.

After the final on Friday, a debriefing will follow on Saturday 7 November The Masked Singer: The Day After. In it, the three finalists are followed and we receive their reactions after the announcement of the winner. They also look back on the adventure and how they experienced everything.


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