the methanol-fueled electric supercar goes into production

It is in a very theatrical staging that the father of the Audi Quattro presented the series model First Edition which will be available in the 2nd quarter 2021.

Roland Gumpert was accompanied by his daughter Magdalena. The latter’s mission was to recall the technical characteristics of the vehicle. Which she did, winking at her sister Nathalie, whose first name was given to the supercar.

The originality of this electric car, which has a 70 kWh rechargeable battery on a fast terminal, is to receive a methanol fuel cell (15 kW), with its 65-liter tank. This is a world first for a mass-produced car, which is also a sports car of this level. This equipment takes over as soon as the pack is emptied, offering a total range of 820 km.

The energy capacity of the set is 190 kWh, available with 4 150 kW motors, one for each wheel. This configuration develops a combined power of 400 kW. What cut down the 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. Top speed: 300 km / h.

For Roland Gumpert, who perseveres with full traction in his Nathalie, the use of methanol is justified by the possibility of very easily obtaining this product for a refueling which is carried out as quickly as with a diesel or petrol model. No need to develop a specific network, unlike hydrogen PAC technology.

The production of this racing car will begin shortly, with the First Edition version, included in the 500 copies of Nathalie which should leave the factory located in Ingolstadt, Germany. Seduced? Note that the entry ticket still exceeds 400,000 euros.

During her speech, Magdalena Gumpert expressed her impatience to see Nathalie clash with the electrical productions of Tesla, Porsche and Audi.


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