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the most beautiful hiking trails in National Park Dunes

The world is full of beautiful hiking trails and hiking trails. What is sometimes forgotten is that in the Netherlands you can also walk endlessly through the most beautiful nature. In this series we hike all National Parks in the Netherlands. Episode three: National Park Dunes of Texel.

If the mercury rises above 30 degrees, it is best to seek coolness. You are in the right place in National Park Dunes of Texel. In contrast to the other Wadden Islands, this island is also great for day visitors.

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Dunes of Texel National Park is approximately 43 square kilometers in size and includes the dune areas on the west side of the Wadden Island. The nature reserve only became official national park status in 2002. Walking is the ultimate here. Not only in the summer, but in every season.

Hiking in National Park Dunes of Texel

In National Park Dunes of Texel you have several walking routes from Staatsbosbeheer, which are indicated with colored posts. Yellow posts mean a continuous walk. Blue poles represent a circular walk. Green posts for a walk through a rest area, accessible from August 1 to February 28. And red posts indicate a nature trail. The most beautiful hiking trails highlighted.

1. Walk Moksloot (20 kilometers)

Starting with a route for the experienced hiker. You start at ferry port ‘t Horntje, and then walk 20 kilometers via the Moksloot to Strandpaviljoen Paal 17. You walk through beautiful dune valleys and rugged nature. Moksloot is the water that sticklebacks use to reach the dune ponds from the sea. It is also a perfect area to spot wading birds. The route can only be walked from August 1 to February 28.

View the walk here.

2. Walk Dunes of Texel and Slufter (15 kilometers)

You cannot actually visit Dunes of Texel National Park without walking through the Slufter. Thanks to the extreme tides, this is a lively dune area, with both vegetated and bare parts and unique flora and fauna. Forester Erik van der Spek: “Why does the seawater penetrate so deeply here? The row of dunes broke through once and the force of the sea was too great to close the gap, however much they wanted at the time. In any case, I am very happy with this “failure” back then. The sea and the salty nature are still in charge here. During the bird migration in both spring and autumn, it is a place for all kinds of ducks and waders ”. Walk Dunes of Texel starts in De Cocksdorp and ends at Ecomare. A large part of the route takes you through the Slufter, where you can now also spot Konik horses.

View the walk here.

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3. Nature trail Alloo (4.5 kilometers)

Nature trail Alloo, in short version also walkable as a family path, takes you through dune, forest and agricultural areas. Expect flowery grassland and plenty of meadow birds. Halfway through you can visit a butterfly garden. The entire walking route is suitable for visitors in a wheelchair, blind and partially sighted.

View the walk here.

4. Short hiking trails

Rest assured, in Duinen van Texel National Park you also have plenty of short walking routes. Read more about the Alloo family path (2.7 km), De Ploeglanden (2.8 km), De Dennen (3 km), De Horspolders (3.8 km) and De Mient (4.4 km).

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Hiking in Holland

View the most beautiful hiking trails of other National Parks on this overview page. This series is made in collaboration with Manners Magazine.

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Hiking in Holland # 3: the most beautiful hiking trails in National Park Texel


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