The most popular films and series after the launch of “Star” on Disney +

Which films and series are after the start of
Which films and series are very popular with Disney + subscribers after the launch of “Star”?

Which films and series will be very popular with Disney + subscribers after the adult program “Star” has started? The platform found out.

Disney + subscribers have had access to the new “Star” category for over a week. This contains all the content that does not quite fit into the family-friendly image of the Walt Disney Group (unless, of course, it is Marvel or Star Wars). Time to take stock of whether the additional offer has been accepted. The streaming guide of the 10 most popular films and series published on Disney + and some of the placements should surprise you too!

Top 10 Movies on Disney + After Star Launch:

When we rummaged through the “Star” range, the title “Starship Troopers” also immediately caught our eye. But would you have thought that the film would grab the number one spot among the most popular films on Disney +? The factor “not seen for a long time” probably plays a decisive role here. The entire film top 10 consists only of star titles such as “Independence Day: Recurrence”, “Idiocracy” or “The Martian – Save Mark Watney”. The image quality doesn’t seem to play a big role as long as the content is right. Only four of the films are in 4K quality with HDR10 / Dolby Vision.

Top 10 series on Disney + after star launch:

In the series, it is mainly the titles that have already been completed or that offer subscribers something to binge-watch with countless seasons that prevail. The Walking Dead takes first place as the highlight series of recent years. This is followed by the exclusive “WandaVision” series. The second star exclusive “Love, Victor” just managed to get into the top 10.

What did you watch on Star? Or maybe since you already got out of your Disney + subscription?


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