The most popular free image viewer for download

They are fast, know almost every format and offer numerous extras – modern picture viewers can also cope with huge photo collections. We have selected the best viewer tools for you. Best of all: everyone is free.

In the age of digital photography, only the storage space limits the number of pictures. With ever larger hard drives and memory cards, the flood of images also grows. In order not to lose the overview, modern image viewers have to do a lot: Despite large amounts of data, they should be fast, know every file format and present the image they are looking for as quickly as possible. They should also be slim, and preferably free. Furthermore, many users want functions such as a slide show or even batch processing for quick editing. However, these programs are far removed from image processing programs such as Paint.NET or even Photoshop. After all, they should not overwhelm or slow down with too many functions. The image and fax display integrated in Windows often fails miserably here. We have identified the most popular freeware image viewers of PC-WELT readers that meet as many requirements as possible,

Another note: the number of downloads alone cannot be said about the quality of a tool. Because many excellent special tools have a niche existence in terms of download numbers on All users are very satisfied, but there are not many users.

Which program for viewing photos do you think is missing from the photo gallery? Let us know the missing image viewer – for example in our forum, in the comment field below this article or on our


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