The mystery unraveled: this app translates your cat’s meow

Cats don’t do much more than eat, sleep, and meow. But what exactly they mean by their meow is not always clear. That is about to change. Because a free app has been released into the world that translates that meowing, MeowTalk.

Good news for any cat owner who has been analyzing the different sounds of his cat for years to no avail. Because now there is also an app that does that for you. MeowTalk records your cat’s meow, compares it to preset sounds and then provides an English translation.

“Feed me”

The app currently has 13 different sentences. These include “feed me”, “leave me alone” and “I’m angry” (every cat’s favorite sayings).

The app is a creation of someone who used to develop software for Amazon. He has, among other things, worked on the smart voice assistant Alexa.

Smart collar

The aim is to also link the app to a smart collar in the future. It has a built-in microphone that records your cat’s meow. The smart collar then gives a live translation into English.

MeowTalk is available for iOS and Android.


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