The nasty three: This is how your emails reliably drive everyone crazy

With our three tips, you can reliably drive the recipients of your emails insane.

Especially in the home office, reliable email communication plays a particularly important role alongside messenger and video conferences. It is all the more important that you avoid three particularly annoying mistakes.

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Especially when several people are working on a project and are constantly sending each other e-mails, it is easy to be tempted to simply forward an ever-growing e-mail thread unchanged and only briefly add your own two cents. The recipient can then dig through an insanely long email with constant text repetitions. And you have to laboriously work out the really relevant details yourself.

It is better if you summarize the main content of the mail thread for your answer in a legible manner above the actual thread. This will prevent important points from being overlooked. Your addressees save time and your own nerves. You also prove that you have competent mail management.

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Blank subject: I don’t know what to write either

You have put a lot of effort into writing a well-structured and understandable email text. But now time is pressing, your addressees have been waiting for the mail for a long time. So just get your message out – and forget the important subject or just write an irrelevant word in the subject line.

In view of the flood of e-mails that inundate the mailboxes these days, this is extremely unfavorable. Always take the time to come up with a meaningful subject line. Your recipients will thank you.

If you reply to an email, you should also adjust the subject line so that what you are saying is immediately clear. And don’t just adopt the standard subject used by the mail program.

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!!!!!!!! All my mails are particularly important – aka NDA epidemic

Outlook and other e-mail programs offer the option of marking an e-mail as particularly important. This is then usually displayed in the inbox folder with a red exclamation mark.

Think carefully about whether you want to highlight your mail in this way. If you use this tool more often for e-mails that the addressee does not consider particularly important, your recipients will soon ignore this marking. A particularly important e-mail might then be overlooked.

A special variant of this problem are emails that promise important information under the NDA. With an NDA (“non-disclosure agreement”, a kind of confidentiality agreement), the recipient undertakes not to speak or write about the content of the e-mail until the date/time specified in the NDA has been reached.

Normally, an NDA is only concluded for particularly important information. A journalist typically signs an NDA, for example, so that he can get information about a new product in advance and can prepare the report on the deadline – for example the day on which sales start – at his leisure. But since the beginning of the corona crisis, we have been getting an NDA offer every two days. For many topics that are not so exciting that they deserve an NDA. This could result in really important issues being overlooked. There is also the danger of concentrating on a topic marked as particularly exciting by the note “NDA” that is not all that exciting on closer inspection – you waste time and will reject NDA offers from this sender in the future. So think carefully before offering a message under NDA.

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