The Netherlands already has half a million smart doorbells

6 percent of Dutch households (over half a million) now have a smart doorbell. Market analyst Multiscope reports this after the fourth edition of its Smart Home Monitor, in which 6,300 Dutch people are questioned.

Ring, the smart doorbell from web giant Amazon, is the most popular among the Dutch with a share of almost half. In total, the Dutch spent 64 million euros on smart doorbells in the first half of this year, twice as much as in 2018.

Security camera

The most popular device remains the security camera: 18 percent of Dutch households now have one. In 2020 alone, EUR 183 million was spent on security cameras.

However, most of the money goes to full security systems. In 2020 households already spent EUR 227 million on such systems. This will continue to grow in the future: one in five consumers plans to purchase smart security within a year.

Half a billion euros

It is logical that most of the money goes to complete security systems: the Dutch are prepared to spend the most money on this category, on average 267 euros. In total, Dutch families have already bought more than half a billion euros in smart security this year.


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