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That the Netherlands is a camping country, became clear after the call this week; you responded in great numbers. A majority would rather stay at a campsite than in a hotel, because, as many experience, you really do not have to sacrifice comfort at a campsite. Although there are people who used to camp a lot, but nowadays prefer to stay in a hotel because of their age.

But it can also be the other way around, Herman Kuipers writes. For years he stayed in hotels, but the rooms often disappointed, until he tried a camper two years ago. “Queen bed, all the trimmings. We drove through Alsace to Annecy. What fun we had! ”

For Tineke de Graaf nothing beats the caravan. “We have been going out with the caravan for many years! Lovely to stand on a campsite and often choose your own spot. Now that the children are no longer coming, we can move elsewhere more quickly. Of course we sometimes do a weekend in a hotel, but we think that’s enough after two nights. ”

For example, more people opt for a hotel during a short (city) trip, but for the big holiday the camping is number one!


We have been avid campers for many years. First with the children and later with our dog in a caravan. The feeling of freedom is wonderful. Your own bed and toilet and yet in nature at the most beautiful locations.

Gijs and Wil


After traveling through Europe with a caravan for over 25 years, we have been staying in hotels for the last 20 years. The holidays were fantastic, but there was also a lot of trouble on your towbar and hassle on the way. Glad we switched to so much comfort and convenience.

Herman Kuipers


For us, a holiday in the caravan is number one. Unfortunately we had to stop because of our age and now have great difficulty booking a hotel. A cruise would also be nice now, but in connection with corona that is not wise.

Hanny van der Veer


The question of hotel or camping is not a question for us. We do both. During the big vacation we go to Italy for four weeks. The caravan is parked there. We do midweek breaks and outings in a hotel. Usually in the Netherlands, sometimes abroad.

Cor Harmsen

Next week: Do you have plans for the autumn break? Mail to [email protected].


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