The Netherlands closes all catering establishments and requires mouth masks

All Dutch cafes and restaurants must close. You can still pick it up, also in coffee shops. Alcohol is prohibited after 8 pm. Face masks are compulsory for everyone from the age of 13. The measures will take effect from Wednesday and have been going on for at least a month.

“We are going to a partial lockdown,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte began his press conference on Tuesday. “We no longer want this in the same way, but delayed care due to corona leads to health damage and personal suffering.”

That is why the Dutch government decided to take “measures that reduce social contacts as much as possible”. The cafes and restaurants are all closing their doors. After 20 hours, the sale of alcohol is prohibited and alcohol is not allowed in public spaces from then on.

Mouth masks

Face masks will be mandatory for everyone from the age of 13 when moving around in public areas, including schools. That still has to be legally recorded, but it is already urgent advice.

A long discussion preceded this mouth mask obligation. “We now want to crush it completely,” said Rutten. Proponents and opponents argued in public for weeks about the now of mouth masks. “At least they do something and that is why we now oblige them,” the Dutch prime minister said.

Sports up to four

In the house, families may only receive a maximum of three people per day, in all other indoor areas a maximum of 30 people may be present at the same time. Outside, people are also allowed to come together in groups of four.

Young people up to the age of 18 may continue to play sports in a team, but competitions will be stopped. In any circumstance, adults can exercise alone or with a maximum of four, such as running.

All events are banned, from outdoor barbecues to concerts. Museums and amusement parks can remain open and markets can continue, but at a distance.


Shops must close at 8 pm at the latest and shopping carts must be constantly disinfected. If shops don’t follow the rules or if it gets too busy, they can close immediately.

Homework is strongly recommended and more strictly monitored. Traveling is not prohibited, but Rutte insisted that “certainly not travel to countries in an orange or red zone”. Belgium became the orange zone for the Dutch on Tuesday evening.

Full lockdown on the way?

“If this turns out to be not enough after a month, a complete lockdown is the only option,” said Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge afterwards. On Tuesday, 7,393 new corona infections were detected in the Netherlands. That is 549 more than Monday.

The Netherlands is also working on a “roadmap”, such as our barometer, with levels of contamination and appropriate measures. Our barometer will arrive on Friday, along with new measures.


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