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You and I know all this. Depending on the gross national product and the tax burden, cars in our neighboring countries usually cost less, sometimes more. With this you can – keyword reimport – get some bargains. This is now also possible when filling up, not only in Poland.

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When my colleague Thomas Arndt moved to North Friesland a year ago, there were always one or two Danish cars in front of him at the petrol stations. In the meantime, ER drives to Denmark to fill up. It is 23 kilometers from the front door to the gas station in Seth. A few days ago, a liter of diesel cost 13.49 crowns (1.81 euros), at home in Leck 2.27 euros. With Super it was 1.92 to 2.24 euros. It’s worth the drive there. Denmark, they have 25 percent VAT, actually everything is much more expensive than here. How does it work?

Tom Drechsler

How To Cars Editor-in-Chief Tom Drechsler.

The Bundeskartellamt is closely monitoring petrol and diesel prices. Is oil really only so expensive for us? Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck has asked the competition authorities to examine it. “It must not be the case that companies make unreasonable profits from the current situation,” said the Green politician. I like the clear statement. That’s right!

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NEW HITS First round on ice: New Mini • Mercedes GLC and EQS SUV: The new ones from Stuttgart are so good • Practical: Opel Astra Sports Tourer Honda Civic: number eleven drives hybrid • Software update at VW, Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door facelift , Prodrive Hunter, Aston Martin Vantage V12 MESSAGES Driving school with hydrogen cars • New factories for batteries and chips TESTING & TECHNOLOGY With diesel and four-wheel drive: New Kia Sportage against a lifted Mazda CX-5 and VW Tiguan • Driving machine: Cayman GT4 RS • Reasonable-E SUV: Audi Q4 e-tron, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Polestar • News from the endurance test • Used: Peugeot 5008 REPORTS Carl Hahn: Why the ex-VW boss still drives to the office every day at 95 • Sustainability with a difference: old diesel instead of a new e-car SERVICE Product test: Six dash cams for less than 60 euros • Fuel prices at record levels: How to drive cheaper! HEADINGS Motorsport: Sebastian Vettel • Action: We’ll pay your bill • Extra tour: ZAZ Tavria.

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