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Delivery times occupy the whole industry! Renault has just announced an order freeze for its electric cars, VW is postponing the market launch of the ID.5, and many cars can no longer be ordered. And anyone who is told about longer and longer order periods either jumps off or at least thinks about it. Sales are made by those who can deliver. But we don’t just need semiconductors and wire harnesses. We also need clarity as to whether and how the promotion of e-cars will continue – and how with combustion engines.

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The consequence is clear: reluctance to buy! An indication here: We asked our VIP readers, the subscribers: Which car would you switch to in 2022? Almost 1000 took part (THANK YOU!), here are the answers: 23% for a plug-in hybrid. 18% on an electric car. 59% want to wait and see.

Tom Drechsler

How To Cars Editor-in-Chief Tom Drechsler.

The good at the end: The federal government has decided on extensive help for drivers. In fact, among other things, even the energy tax is to be reduced, it’s hard to believe. Around 30 cents for Super, 14 cents for Diesel! But we shouldn’t be too excited: nothing will happen immediately. Sometime after Easter…

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NEW HITS Nissan Ariya: First drive • How the Porsche Macan T drives • New Maserati SUV: We check the Grecale • Large power box: Kia EV9 • Now Lotus is also building an SUV • Jeep Renegade: We drive the hybrid MESSAGES E-bike instead of a second car • Toyota remains top • Our demand: fair funding TESTING & TECHNOLOGY Practical: New Peugeot 308 SW against VW Golf Variant in the comparison test • First test: BMW 223i Active Tourer • Everyday test: Mazda MX-30 • Comparison test: Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain against Audi A4 allroad • Used: Dacia Sandero REPORTS This is how Tesla’s Gigafactory works in Grünheide SERVICE Ten sporty tires in the test • How to save fuel! HEADINGS Motorsport: Valentino Rossi Action: Opel “Best Buddies” • Extra Tour: Land Rover Defender.

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